Coat of arms of Lithuania

Our comapny is based in Lithuania, small European country based on the shores of the Baltic sea. In spring and summer it is green and pleasantly warm, in late autumn and winter our country is usually white, decorated with snow. This intro leads to what this text is all about :) 
Though we are making t-shirts to European and American market, we wanted to show special attention to our own country, because this year it is 100 years to restored Lithuania. The centennial is a success story created by the people of Lithuania and Lithuanians living abroad. We made a series of t-shirts and hoodies decorated with Lithuanian symbol - coat of arms of Lithuania is also known as "Vytis". We made it for the people who lives in their motherland, for those - who left their country long time ago, but still loves their country, to all Lithuanians with the passport or just with a Lithuanian heart. 
Check this out :)

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