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It's been a while since we didn't fill our blog. Trying to catch up the time. For a creative work, we always need an inspirations. Usually, it comes from simple everyday life things, such as sun, wind, lego toys, birds, fruits ect. This time we decided to travel. We were choosing between many destinations, such as Miami, Tokyo, Singapore, Bali, Maldives, but then decided to visit Abu Dhabi and Dubai. For us Eastern countries always looks a bit magical with a slice of romance and a drop of secret.. You know: desert, covered woman, fluttering black dresess, men dressed in white... 
In Abu Dhabi we've visited Ferrari world... A world of red prancing horses. Abu Dhabi Louvre left us speechless..White building with an emerald blue water arround and a marvelous roof forming shadows.It is really worth visiting. To the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque we went in the evening, when the sun was still high enough, but the lights were already turned on. The Mosque  is really majestic and stunning. Sometimes, it is really worth to visit one time then to hear a thousand times...
Dubai is different than Abu Dhabi. Dubai is fast growing city with a metro system, many tourists and a shopping, of course :D Burj Khalifa is the highest building in the world. It's nice to feel that you can stand high above everthing and let your eyes rest looking into the distance. 
This journey influenced our t-shirt design. Dominating colours are black and white. The whole meaning lies in details - the font, letters, shapes and, of course, phrases on t-shirts. Clothing is a way of self-expression, so our new desing t-shirts are made to help people to express themselves, very often, not saying a word. 

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