Package for FoxbyFox is very important!

For wooden FoxbyFox toys the highest quality is the most important. Maybe that sounds like a cheap cliché, but that is the truth. Handmade hardwood toys are super beautiful – variance grain and colours means that all items are unique and no other will be 100% the same.  Hardwood toys are extremely pleasant to touch. No lie. Every person that have touched toys made of hardwood vs e.g. plywood felt the difference at once. (Highly recommended to try J).

As FoxbyFox wooden toys are of very high quality, the package is also very important. We wanted it to be simple, easy to unpack, beautiful and natural. Not much variants, heh…J Glad and proud to present that all our handmade wooden toys are packed into handmade canvas bags. Worth to mention, that same as toys, canvas bags are made at our home studio. Then, we take a small amount of scobs, decorate the package box, put the packed wooden toy in it, put some love in it and post it to our Dear Buyers.

We trust in positive energy and care about quality, that’s why we make everything on our own. We care about nature, that’s why our packages is biodegradable.

All is important – what’s inside and how it looks outside.  As Kate Angell said: “Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”


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