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We had the chance to chat with one of our current X-Carve makers. Marius is based in Lithuania and runs FoxbyFox, a small family business. They create wooden toys, boxes, and office wares, while also designing graphic T-shirts and sweaters.

Another part of Marius' business is video production, but after being introduced to the X-Carve he expanded into unique and bespoke products. Boasting a large range of custom items, FoxbyFox is based almost entirely on the ease of use and efficiency of the X-Carve by Inventables.

Q What bits are best suited for your projects? What materials do you mostly use?

A We have tried a lot of different materials - hardwoods: white oak, walnut, purpleheart, and others like; plexiglass and aluminum for engraving. We have a lot of types of bits and they all have their own job but most of the time we use the Solid Carbide 2 Flute Straight End Mill and the Solid Carbide Single Flute Upcut End Mill.

Q Would you recommend other woodworkers use an X-Carve and why?

A Yes, definitely! it's a really unique machine for the asking price. You can make your money back after a couple of bigger projects. It´s also easy to use! The Easel software looks simple but it is powerful enough for all our projects.


Q Do you feel any improvements could be made to the X-Carve functionality?

A So far it's working nicely and I think one needs time to grow with the machine. After that, maybe, I can comment on improvements... But for now, it works straight out of the box!

Q What´s your favorite feature of your X-Carve? What´s the most troubling?

A My favorite feature is that you can make anything really, all you need is ideas! If you have creative projects in mind - the machine will do the job for you.
The most troubling obstacle, I think, is the learning curve. Every time you make something new, you can find out how you can do better on forums - making it easier to use on the next project.


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