The importance of education

We believe in the importance of education. FoxbyFox wooden toys are created in believing in Montessori method values. 

Maria Montessori (1870-1952) is an Italian teacher and physician. She presented a learning method which emphasizes individuality and independence in learning. She saw children as curious and seeking to learn and the education process should go within harmony with the child's individual development pace. This approach emphasizes the importance of harmony of solid development rather than attaining specific pieces of information. 

The Montessori method highlights the importance of respect to a child. Montessori believed that parents rarely truly respect their children. They do not really listen to what they want, they just want children to be obedient and to accept the given information. The Montessori method allows children choices and prepares to become the independent learner with everyday life needed capabilities. The method says that child's mind is absorbant. What it absorbs depends on what information it is provided. 

The things that are provided to children should be aesthetically pleasing, well organized and should help to develop skills necessary for life. 

That is what FoxbyFox toys are about: respect for the child, maintaining life useful skills, aesthetics, auto education and fun. 

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