The importance of touching

There are many kinds of touches: a touch of love, a touch of politeness, a touch of happiness, a touch of unity... 
When we watch a football or basketball match, we see how happy players bump their chests in a successful scoring play. There are even several studies who show that a team, which members touch each other, perform better. 
We see two loving people who can't stop holding hands, touch the face and body of each other - that's how they express their love. Couples who touch each other often feel closer and more assured. 
We see how a crying child who fell down calms as soon as someone hugs him or her.  That is what a magic power the touch has to offer. In fact, testimonies of psychiatrists show, that children who lacked touching are more depressed and lonely in their adulthood. 
Love, hug and touch each other - it has a more calming effect than any words can offer. 
As the touch is so powerful, do not forget that it is also very important what materials you touch. Choose natural materials. Natural materials as wood, clay, sand give us a calming and pleasant feeling, helps to relax.

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