We are against stereotypes

Nowadays there are so many stereotypes... Many of it are sexistic. 
Sadly, but more often stereotypes applied to woman. They used to maintain the historical relations of power of men over woman. Gender stereotyping,very often, limits development of the natural talents and abilities. Also, ruines life opportunities in general.
We believe that we all live with the opportunities to choose who to be, how to look and how to express that. 
FoxbyFox t-shirts are made to express one's lifestyle and  attitude without saying a word... Though speaking, sometimes, can be difficult and meaning of the words might be two-sided. 
With FoxbyFox t-shirts we do not want to offend anyone - no shaming, no humiliation, no bad vibes  - we show that there are many ways to express oneself, and the best way is to do that with a great amount of humour and a suitable t-shirt :). 

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