Which t-shirts is the best?

The beggining is never easy. Never. At the beggining you have to decide everything: what to create, what products to use, where to buy it, where to sell it, what payment platforms to use and so on, and so forth.
But firstly, we had to decide what t-shirts to use. We've started with a 100% cotton t-shirts 190g/m2. It was ok, we liked: it was beautiful, the print layed pretty well on it,also, Our clients were happy about it (what's the most important) but... we wished it to be better, to be perfect...
So, we did a little research and chose two different kinds of t-shirts: 100% organic ring spun cotton 120 g/m2 and triblend t-shirts (50% poliester; 25% cotton; 25% viscose.) At once we felt the defference... Both t-shirt variants are really great! T-shirts are soft and pleasant on the body, print lies beautifully on it and it is easy to take care of - easy to wash, dry and iron (remember, never iron on print!). But we felt very quickly, that our clients started not just to buy t-shirts, but they started to recomend us to their friends, family ect.!
So, it looks that we are on the right path and we are not going to stop :D


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