Why just t-shirts, No models?

As we've mentioned many times in this blog, at the beginning of our business we had to decide many things. One of those things - is how to show our t-shirts to the buyers... To show it on the models? Maybe, on the mannequins? or just to take pictures of ourselves wearing our made t-shirts? After long hours of debates (and argues) the decision was made to take pictures of just t-shirts. At first, we've pictured them hanging on the hanger. It was ok, but...we were not satisfied 100%. It looket too pale and, maybe, a bit boring.
At the moment, in the background, under the t-shirt, we are using 2 different colours, usually pastel. It looks vital, energetic, warm and different from everything we have seen.
So, why not models... Models are ok! But All the idea of our t-shirts was that it should reflect the personality of the person wearing the t-shirt. We didn't want that "lie" that when someone sees clothes on top models and think:" That's great, it'll look the same on me". It will not :) We are all so different: our height, skin, weight, style, way of life and so on, and so forth...
We are not strict about that... we are still searching for our highway to success. Times changing, opinions - also:D So, don't nod your head laughing if one day you'll see our t-shirts photographed on the models...

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