Why wooden toys are always a good idea as a present?

When the market is full of everything it is very difficult to choose something :)
Often people say: we are going to the baby shower, birthday etc. what can we bring to the child? Here I'll tell some arguments why wooden toys (especially high quality handmade of hardwood) are an exceptionally good present. 

 1. It is neutral. It will never look old stylish or too new, it will look great in all kinds of interior - modern, classic, vintage etc. It's not too noisy, too colourful, too expensive or too cheap. It is classic and classic never goes out of fashion.
2. It is educational. Wooden toys are not overloaded with information (not too many sounds, beeps, colours etc) so during the game with a wooden toy, there is plenty of space for child's imagination, organisational skills, inventions and so on. 
3. Quality. Wooden toys are just of high quality. And when you love and respect person - you just want give him/her all the best. 
4. Wood is ageless, hit resistant, so wooden toys will serve long and may be inherited. So in the long term - they are much cheaper. 
5. Wooden toys are suitable for all age stages. Handmade wooden toys are made for all age stages, so while going to e.g. the baby shower you may buy a toy for the toddler and it'll be suitable also for the 2 - 3 months old baby. 
6. They are safe. Wooden toys are mostly solid (if not - so parts are not super small) and there is less possibility(in comparison with other toys) that some parts are going to break or fall off. 
7. Wood (also wooden toys) is naturally antibacterial. And it is easy to take care of - you just need to gently wash with lukewarm water. As children touch, put in toys in places and then (OMG) to the mouth -  hygiene is extremely important.
8. It is personal. You may order name puzzle, engraved number, letters puzzle or any other kind of toy with the engraved name, wish or text. 
9. It is beautiful. No explanations needed:)
These are just some reasons. I just love valuable, high-quality things that's why when I go to the baby shower, birthday, Christening and consider what to bring as a present the first thing what comes to my mind  - wooden toys. 

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