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FoxbyFox - small family business. We have home studio and everything you can find in this shop is made by our hands. 


  1. Some of us believe in the power of energy, some of us don’t. But no one can deny the argument that wood is a warm material, it reflects positive energy, it is pleasant to touch, it smells nice and it’s naturally beautiful. So are the wooden toys. In fact, the researchers have identified that the increased use of wood has measurable physiological and psychological health benefits. If there’s wood around - the workers are less stressed and more productive, students learn better, patients heal faster and people are generally happier and calmer in spaces that contain natural elements like wood.
  1. Nowadays society has changed its relationship with nature. Children play has moved from outdoors to indoors. Long working hours and stress levels have risen and technology (PC’s; phones ect) has occupied almost all time and all areas of life. Increased urbanisation limits people acces to the nature, as a result increasing levels of obesity and mental health problems are registered much more. Wooden toys are one of the best and simpliest way how you can keep your child closer to the nature.
  2. In comparison to plastic toys wooden toys are safe – they are stable and difficult to break. They contain less small parts so the injury possibility is reduced, also reduced possibility to swallow small parts.
  3. Wooden toys usually do not have flashing lights and beeping sounds, so it inspires fantasy, imagination and creativity. Wooden toys not just fill the game with information, it allows children to think of it, create it and convert it to reality, not to mention that it helps to develop the thinking skills while turning the game into action.
  4. Wooden toys help to educate coordination and strength. E.g. wooden cars are heavier so child has to use more energy and the right amount of pressure in order to make its wheels turn.
  5. Smartphones, planchets, noisy toys ect. Overstimulates children senses. Many parents have noticed that after using PCs kids become grumpy, suffer from mood swings. Wooden toys are pleasant to touch, they have calming effect, stimulates kid senses, helps to generate ideas and express the inner world.
  6. Wooden toys last long. They are beautiful, stylish and never goes out of fashion, they always look fashionable so they are nice to buy, to get as a present and, of course, it is worth to be inherited. In a long term they are much cheaper than other kind of toys.
  7. They just look good. Wooden toys fit in every kind of interior. No need to hide it. It can be used as a toy and as an interior detail.
  8. Toys are one of the first kids contact to the surrounding world. Why not make it natural, environmentally friendly, organic, safe and pleasant to touch?






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